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Residential Cleaning Services

Duraclean Service by Bob in Glendale, NY offers residential cleaning services that deep-clean, brighten and freshen your home. Backed by the national Duraclean brand, our professional residential cleaners are thoroughly trained and use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions in our industry. Not only are our proprietary cleaning solutions extremely effective, they are also biodegradable and safe for use in homes that have children and pets.

Our cleaning company provides top-quality residential cleaning services that will make your life easier. Having a cleaning service was never this easy! Whether you choose recurring cleaning to make your life easier or a one-time deep cleaning job, Duraclean is here to help.

Types of Residential Cleaning Services Offered

Carpet Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services include carpet cleaning that goes much deeper than you can with a vacuum cleaner or even a rented steam cleaner. We use a penetrating foam that loosens and helps remove dirt, grease, pet dander and anything else that has built up in your carpet over the years — even those high traffic areas like halls. The result is a cleaner carpet and a healthier environment.

Upholstery Cleaning

Especially in busy households, furniture can get so worn and stained that you wonder if it’s time to just replace it. Maybe you can’t get those stains out, but you owe it to yourself to let a professional cleaning service like Duraclean give it a try!

We use industry-leading cleaning solutions to deep-clean upholstery and bring it back to its original beauty, removing not only years of built-up dirt but also pet dander and other allergens. We work quickly, and our residential upholstery cleaning is much more economical than buying a new living room suite.

Duraclean is a local company with a national reputation. We’re trained in the latest techniques in the home cleaning industry, and our house cleaning services use cleaning products that are safe enough even for homes with little ones and fur babies. Call us today for a free estimate!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If the tiled surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom are looking a lot duller than they used to, especially the grout, our residential tile and grout cleaning can help. Since grout is porous, it is very easy for dirt and oil to accumulate in your grout — and very difficult to remove it with cleaning alone.

We use sophisticated cleaning solutions that penetrate your grout and help to remove that built-up dirt, and can also seal it to help prevent more dirt from accumulating. The result is that your tiles and grout look much brighter and cleaner.

What Can a Professional Home Cleaning Service Do for You?

A one-time cleaning service can give you a leg up on your spring cleaning and make your home guest-ready, but regular cleanings can do even more to make your home a healthier, happier place to spend time. Some of the benefits of using our quality house cleaning services on a regular basis include:

1. Better Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning your house regularly will ensure that it remains free of excess dust and dander, which is better for your respiratory health. It also keeps the house looking neat, which means less dusting and vacuuming of the floorboards, carpets, corners, and other areas around the home.

2. Professional Cleaners Work Around Your Busy Schedule

A professional house cleaning service can work with your schedule. We’ve been providing high-quality cleaning services for commercial and residential clients for many years and have built up a loyal following! And as cleaning pros, we know how to work efficiently and effectively in any situation.

3. Quality Results

A professional house cleaner uses advanced cleaning tools and cleaning methods to get your home’s surfaces clean and fresh. Our professional cleaners bring their own proprietary cleaning supplies and provide services such as:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning

We take care of the toughest cleaning jobs so you don’t have to! Our services are ideal for homeowners who want a deep cleaning but have busy lifestyles that make it tough to get everything done. Contact us today to get a quote on professional cleaning services to fit your needs!

3 Steps To a Clean & Restored Property

Cleaning and restoring your home or business shouldn’t be a hassle. Just give us a call and see how easy it is!

Step 1

Call now to schedule your cleaning services.

Step 2

We expertly clean your property with our proven techniques.

Step 3

Your space will be clean and fresh for you to enjoy once more.

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