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Improve Your Safety & Clothes Drying Time With Dryer Vent Cleaning

Doing your laundry doesn’t have to take forever. If you’re like many, your clothes dryer is being slowed down by a dryer vent that’s filled with lint, insects, and other debris. Not only a clogged vent an energy and time waster, but it also increases your risk of a dryer vent fire. 

 At Duraclean Service by Bob, we professionally clean dryer vents for people across New York City. If you want to prevent a fire, speed up your chores and save money on energy expenses, give us a call now to set up your appointment.

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Benefits of Getting Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned

Prevent a Dryer Vent Fire

Dirty dryer vents aren’t just slowing your laundry down. They’re also posing a major fire threat to your property. Obstructed dryer hoses prevent the hot combustive gases that your dryer from escaping. This can cause the lint and debris to catch fire. By cleaning out your dryer vents, you can protect your family and home from this danger. Give us a call.

Speed Up How Fast Your Clothes Dry

When your dryer hose is clogged with lint, dirt, and pests, steam from your dryer struggles to escape. This slows down the evaporation process, making your clothes take longer to dry. After we clean out your dryer hose, your dryer will be able to work more efficiently, making your laundry quicker. 

Prevent Pests From Getting Into Your Dryer Hose

It’s not uncommon for people to have pests in their dryer hoses. During cleaning, we remove them. Professional dryer vent cleaning ensures that the vent flap on your dryer hose is able to close properly, preventing pests from getting into the hose’s outlet in the future. Call us now.

Clean Dryer Vents Save You Money

Your clogged dryer vents are wasting your money and electricity. When lint buildup restricts airflow in your clothes dryer’s hose attachment, your clothes take longer to dry. You could be wasting $30 or more per month on energy expenses as a result of a clogged dryer vent. Improve your dryer’s energy efficiency and save yourself money by getting your vents cleaned now.

3 Steps To A More Efficient Dryer

Step 1

Schedule an appointment.

Step 2

We arrive as scheduled and clean your dryer vents.

Step 3

Drying your clothes will be faster and safer than ever.

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